5-28-2017 Modern League Day 11

Bad day for Team Allan.

Finished the day with a 1-3-1 record

Jorel and I arrived late so the TO paired the two of us where we did an Intentional Draw

Round 2 – Mono White Humans

This has been problematic for me ever since the Modern league began. The Humans have 4 maindeck Path To Exile and 4 Maindeck Declaration in stone, which often prevents me from sacrificing my creatures efficiently to Eldritch Evolution. Add to that the way his creatures get bigger faster.

Made a play error, because I didn’t see his Mutavault, and miscounted the damage on a crucial turn.

2 game Loss

Round 3 – UR Storm

Annoying game 1, Opponent played first and put into play a 2nd turn Goblin Electromancer. On my turn I offset that by playing a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. On his turn, he offset that by playing another Electromancer. Sigh…,If only my Hareruya Orders had arrived, my Thalias would have been meddling mage instead.

Won Game 2 because of 2 Tidehollow Sculler getting all of his cantrips.

Won Game 3, because of Eidolon of Rhetorics and naturally drawing into the 2nd half of my combo.

Round 4 – Amulet Titan

Who plays Amulet Titan anymore! I have no Sideboard or Gameplan against this deck.

I made a mistake in Game 1, when I played Tidehollow Sculler and chose Azusa instead of Primeval Titan. That deck can’t win without the titan. But has several Azusa like effect.

I could have won Game 2, had I drawn my 4th land to cast Restoration Angel and Flicker my Reflector Mage to return to his hand his Titan. And win on the next turn by sacrificing Reflector Mage to Eldritch Evolution for the win. Alas, I’ve drawn a Birds of Paradise instead.

Round 5 – BW Tokens

Another bad matchup for me. and made the same mistake with Humans where I missed the BW manlands in my computation.

I can’t wait for my Hareruya orders expecially the Meddling Mage and the Magus of the Tabernacle.

RG Ponza report

Round 1 – draw with me

Round 2 – WG Tron

Blood Moon FTW, Jorel even sided out Blood Moon for Sowing Salt on Game 2 and still won

Round 3 – Merfolk

Lost to Aether Vial

Round 4 – UW Control

Won Game 1 Decisively, Lost Game 2 and 3 due to mulliganing down to 4 because of incredible bad hands

Round 5 – Bant Eldrazi.

Nothing remarkable, RG Ponza just dominated the match.

Eternal witness should arrive next week, we might put Plow Under.


Madcap Modern League

This is where we usually play. The Madcap Modern League is a weekly Modern Tournament where our progress is recorded and the top 16 based on most wins by November will qualify for the finals.

Qualifying is not our main goal in playing here. The location is very close and the Tournament time is also convenient for us.